Other stuff you may not know I do

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Photography (Obviously)

My love for photography is evident in the work that I do and I do love shooting weddings. My expertise does also extend to events, commercial shoots and headshots. In fact, you’ll find me doing many of the genres of photography.

I have also done styled newborn shoots in the past in my studio but have long since discovered my passion really lie in taking natural imagery of the baby in their family environment with the family. My love of all things printed too shines out from the work I put into albums and prints and you’ll find me often looking at how to best frame a print or what colour would best suit a wedding album. My love of photography also stems as far as black and white old school film photography and you’ll find me taking film out in black bag and into a developing tank and mixing chemistry! Love the smell of fix!

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Always sounds a bit woo-woo saying your a therapist but I really am a trained therapist. A hypnotherapist to boot. So look into my eyes… look into my eyes… haha! that’s actually how not to do it!

Utilising my 12 years experience with anxiety, depression and PTSD I trained to help others specialising in being able to understand and unlock many methods of being able to prevent these living your full life.

Nothing brings me greater pleasure than being able to work with somebody and bring release and a greater understanding of what anxiety is and what it isn’t.

There is strength in knowledge and freedom in release.

I practice Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Reiki and 3P’s.

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You know unicorns exist… right? You didn’t? Who ruined that for you? The same person that ruined Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy I bet!

Through the marvellous world of marketing you can get anybody to believe anything is real if they want to badly enough.

Maybe unicorns do exist and they’re being being kept in the secret bunker with all the stored up UFO’s too.. who knows.

And please don’t ask me about dragons!

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Copy Writing

I’ve been called a wordsmith before; I love the written word and play on words. I love spinning your business into something that somebody wants to buy and work with. What better way of being able to see your business through somebody else’s eyes and words.

I break all the rules, for a reason.

Ask the teapots I wrote for; I wanted to name them all and tell their story. And of course, every mention had the words of “I’m a little teapot, short and stout…”, Sorry, not sorry.

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Back in the day I would train staff on new software that would be rolled out to the business which also included big changes in the way staff would have to work going forward and the mindset required to do so. Sometimes these classes may be 15 strong. Sometimes to old brokers near retirement who had never touched a computer let alone enter information onto a new broking system, thus preventing the need to physically broke files! I discovered a love for training; a love of being able to quickly and as easily as possible passing on my knowledge unrestrained and in its entirety to somebody else. It is this same love that I now bring to teaching photography.

I will also come into a workplace and write a training manual and deliver that training to staff in their environment whilst also managing the hearts and minds of colleagues.

Trained also in Neuro-Linguistic Programming it can also be fun to include some of this spattered into the training for the best outcome for your staff.

I’m also a qualified teacher of adults.

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Now who doesn’t love branding? Or a rebrand? I actually use somebody else for my branding but this is normally wrapped up with everything I offer under one umbrella – so we use them maybe for a logo design and then I am able to work on your copywriting, your words on your website, your social media wording and assets etc.

But there is a lot to be said for having a strong team of people that work alongside you that you can draw also on their expertise too.

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Social Media Guru

Are you confused with facebook, instagram, tik tok (what is that you roar!) twitter and linked in and what they all should mean for your business?

Don’t have the time or inclination to be present on these platforms but want to grow your business?

Sure thing – pass me your passwords and I’ll write as though I’m you. I’ll even do your ads for you so you don’t have to. Need imagery? Sure thing I’ll even take your photos for you.

Don’t blame me however when you get mega busy and have to take on extra staff or when you’re near burn out and need a holiday (all paid for of course by your increased profits).

And hot tub sales are on the up, the best advice I can give you, if you don’t have one yet? Get one – you’ll need it in the evenings to think about your growing business!

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Ghost Writer

I’ll write your autobiography with a filter – the things you really didn’t ought to say? We still write those but in a way that they should be written.

I love writing peoples stories and becoming immersed in the life of somebody – it’s more than just a book it’s a life that comes alive with words.

I love people and I love learning about their lives and how events or circumstances have shaped a person and the people around them.

I’ll write your story with love and honour.

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